Thursday, April 14, 2011

Polish haul....

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Weekend is almost here...YAY....So I finally went and visited my local CVS store last night after work. I saw alot of postings about Milani 3D polish and wanted to try it since i can't seem to get my hands on the CG OMG collection =(  So i picked up Cyberspace, 3D, and Digital from Milani and also picked up Sally Hansen HD polish LCD and DVD. I put all these colors on my swatch wheels and I loved the Milani ones, The Sally ones was really sheer so I will have to put down a white polish first to get the coverage I want. Today I have the Cyberspace swatch. I Like the formula of the polish, went on great with 3 coats for best color. Only has a subtle Holo effect to it. It's cloudy here today so no sun pics again.

                                                   Here's my polish haul

                                                  Only a subtle Holo effect

Blurred to see Holo more clearly

And since I can't go without a stamp I added Konad M76 with white special


Also wanted to remind everyone that the voting has started for Bundle Monster contest

I already voted for the Ladies that I am following and will continue to do so up to the 20th, Thank you in advance!!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

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