Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nfu oh Holo # 64 and GOSH Holo accent nail........

Today I have for you Nfu-oh 64. This polish needs a base coat applied first before the polish cause it's horrible application alone. I used 2 coats of CND sticky base, since the aqua base from Nfu-oh is NEVER in stock. It applied awesome with 2 coats for complete coverage. It is a tricky polish to apply, do not apply a coat over another, Start with applying it to the middle of the nail then side to side wait for the first coat to dry a little then repeat. If you drag it over twice it will start to streak. I did apply seche vite top coat and the Hololicious affect is still there. This is an awesome Holo polish even if it's a pain to apply. It is available on fabulou street HERE for $12.50. I am very afraid of using my GOSH Holo since it is very hard to find so I only put it on my ring fingers and then stamped on design using China glaze BFF. I love how it turned out, Hope you likey!!!

Thanks for looking!!!!


  1. very pretty! I like your use of stamping on the accent nail :)

  2. Gorgeousness and couldn't agree more on Erika's comments about the accent nail and stamping. beautiful colors!


    George :)

  3. this is gorgeous Karin :)

    btw i love your new layout ;)

    shel xx


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