How to Keep Nail Polish from Chipping?

Those who love nail polish must have a “crazy” moment because their masterpieces peel off the paint. However, this problem is not at all difficult to solve. Check out the following ways to keep your nail polish durable!

1. Clean your nails

Use a cotton swab and white vinegar to clean your nails before applying the base on them. This will remove the old nail polish color as well as dirt on the nails. It also helps the new nail base stick to nail for a long time.

2. Do not soak your nails before applying paint

Soaking your nails before applying paint will hydrate the cuticles, which make them soften and swell. Therefore, whether you are applying nail polish at home or at the salon, use only cuticle oil instead of water. This will make the nail layer more durable and beautiful.

How to Keep Nail Polish from Chipping

3. Use Filer to File Nail

Nail filer will help file the edge of the nail more evenly and with no scratches. Moreover, the nail polish will look more beautiful and tidy without the need for trimming the scratch nail.

4. Don’t Scrape Off the Cuticles

If you think scraping a cuticle on your nails will help the nail polish to last longer, this is a myth! Because if you shave the top epidermis of the nail, it will make nails weaker and more prone to brittle. And nails are more likely to be scratched.

The top layer of the cuticle works as a protective film for your nails. So, instead of scraping it, you should use cuticle oil to prevent brittle nails, which helps moisturize the nails.

5. Use Nail Foundation To Create A Beautiful Layer Of Polish

Instead of painting your favorite nail color directly on your nails, you should apply a colorless polish for a glossy effect. This transparent nail foundation creates a beautiful layer of nail polish and prevents early fade.

How to Keep Nail Polish from Chipping?

6. Apply Two Layers Of Foundation To Make Your Nails Look More Beautiful

Many women have the habit of applying only one layer or coat of nail paint from the end of the nail to the tip of the nail. However, this makes the nail polish susceptible to smudging out and look dull. Not only that, but it also makes the substrate peeling faster. So you should apply two coats of nail foundation to get beautiful as well as a glossy nail. First, apply 1/4th at the tip of your nails then apply an extra coat over the entire nail.

7. Do Not Shake the Nail Polish

Turning nail polish up and down creates an air bubble in it. So, instead of shaking nail paint up and down, you should keep it between your hands and spin smoothly to prevent the air bubble. This is how the nail paint will make a smooth layer on your nail, which will be soft and not chipped.

8. Don’t Ignore The “Free Edge” Of Your Nail

Most women, when applying paint on nails, often ignore the coating around the edge of the nail. This makes the nail prone to scratching and peeling. So, apply the base coat and nail paint around the edges of the nail. Further, make sure that the entire nail is covered with paint to prevent contact with the outside environment.

9. Do Not Use Dryer To Dry Nail Paint

Many women use a nail dryer to dry nails, but this can cause the nail to lose its shine, and the nail can become dry. Further, it also makes nail paint more likely to peel off. Therefore, it is better to use the best-led lamp for nails. If you don’t have a lamp, you can dip the nail in ice water for a minute or two. This is the fastest and most effective way to dry your nails naturally.

How to Keep Nail Polish from Chipping

10. Continue To Apply Another Layer of Paint After 2-3 Days

You should apply a layer of nail paint after 2-3 days to avoid chipping of nail polish and to increase the shine. However, you should only paint a thin layer.

11. Wash Your Hands With Mild Soap Instead Of Using Hand Sanitizer

If you wash your hands with hand sanitizer, your nails will become dry and brittle. This will damage the nail polish. So wash your hands with gentle soap only!

12. Use Cuticle Oil Daily To Prevent Dry And Scratched Nails

Nail polish is a volatile solvent, so, over time, the paint may become brittle. In this case, cuticle oil works. It acts as a plasticizer and keeps the paint from fading and flaking.

13. If Your Nail Polish Has Started To Chipped, Apply Another Layer Of Paint

Nail polish can easily become chipped with your daily activities, so it is advisable that when the paint starts to show signs of scratching. If you are scratched or chipped, you should apply an extra layer of paint

14. Add More Glitter To Areas Where Your Nails Are Flaking

If your nails are peeling off in some places instead of removing all of them, add some glitter to that area. This will create a glitter effect for the nails and make your nail look more beautiful.

15. If The Tip Of A Fingernail Is Chipped, Be Creative By Painting Another Layer Of Colored Paint

Many women find that the tip of the chipped nail feels uncomfortable and wants to remove the nail. However, you should not rush to remove the nail, be creative, and add a different color on the tip of the nail. This will create a new look for the nail, and you still have a beautiful nail set.

16. Wear Gloves When Cooking Or Cleaning Your House To Protect Your Nails

The fastest way to damage your nails is to “submerge” your nails into spices, hot water, and cleaning chemicals. Therefore, you should wear gloves to keep the nails look beautiful.

17. If You Smudge Your Nails Do Not Rush For Another Layer Of Paint

When the nail polish is smudged, you should not rush to apply another paint layer on top. Instead, use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to remove the smudge part. After that, apply another layer of paint to make the paint look more soft and smooth.

Everyone wants to keep their nail polish color last long and durable, but not everyone knows how to do it. Here are 17 ways to keep your nails by your side the longest.