My natural nails……

Hello everybody!!!! I just wanted to share this with you really quick. I have had acrylic overlay on for over 7 years because I was working in a factory that did horrible things to my natural nails. So now that I am no longer working there I decided to soak them off and try to grow them natural. This is how I removed my acrylics, I wish a lot of people would do it this way and save the length of there natural nails and not damage them. First I would like to say that a lot of people are always saying acrylic is BAD for your nails and it damages them. I want to say this is so untrue!!! I was lucky enough to find a AWESOME nail tech that correctly puts acrylic on. They don’t need to drill the hell out of your nails, It just needs to be filed a little. As you will see in my photos from right after I removed them I have no ridges, Some have little damage to the side but that’s from where the acrylic lifted from my nail before. So I grabbed a glass bowl and added 100% acetone to it and soaked my fingers for a long time, Wiped off excess acrylic then soaked again, repeated process till acrylic was gone, Whatever you do NEVER pull or pick the acrylic off, this is what also causes damage. I then buffed my nails and gave myself a regular manicure. Then I applied OPI Nail Envy that Cathy from Ask Cathy on FB recommend for me, you can find her, She also recommended that I use CND Solar oil to my nails everyday. She is really helpful with all things beauty related =) This is a picture of my nails after I did all the above. I have since filed them down some. So all pictures you see from now on will be my natural nails. I’m really hoping that nail envy works for me, before acrylics my nails were really thin and broke all the time. Hope this helps some of you!!! This is only my opinion and what works for me, I am not a professional.



Thanks for looking!!!!
Rin XX