Zoya Marina and Misa Beyond Infinity, Dupes?

Hello everyone, Today I would like to show you what I think are dupes. I actually got excited when I realised this. I never found a dupe by myself before, LOL Weird I know!!! I just got the Misa Surreal Escape collection in and was swatching the colors on my nail wheels I noticed Beyond Infinity looked a lot like Marina, So I put the 2 together and sure enough the same. They both are 2 coats for full coverage and applied the same. Have a look and tell me what you think =)





So what do you think is this a dupe? I think it’s dead on =) So if you wanted to buy Zoya Marina and don’t want to spend $8.00 Check out Misa Beyond Infinity for $3.75. This is where I bought mine and they ship FAST.
Thanks for looking!!!!
Rin  XX